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  • The quality and design of New Sunshine LED lighting aims at the middle range and high end market. The technological research relies on ourselves and has acquired various patents, which means we have our unique intellectual property rights.
  • 1)High Quality power supply. The power supply has passed CE & RoHS & ISO 9001:2008 Certificates, which packed with insulation paper to avoid current jamming.
  • 2)Strong and Waterproof.
  • 3).The white printing ink on the breadboard imported from Japan will not change color throughout the whole life of the light’ using.
  • 4)The heatsink use alloy die-casting material with high thermal conductivity, which is much better for heat dissipation than normal materials and thus extends the working life of LED lights.
  • 5)Our LED light Bulbs use the PVC casing, which is anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion,durable, and use the transparent epoxy glue for sealing.
  • 6)Without harmful substances such as mercury and lead, healthy and environmentally-friendly.
  • 7)The series also covers wind energy and solar energy LED street light, LED warehouse lights, LED industrial lights, LED Corn Lamp, underwater LED lighting, LED lawn lights, Led Spotlights, Led flood lights, LED tubes, and LED bulbs.
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E40 Lamp Base Series

  • E40 LED Street Lamp
  • E40 LED Street light 28W/30W/60W/80W/100W. Replace Traditional HPS.

High-Power LED Lamp

  • LED Corn Lamps
  • High-Power LED Light Bulb,Beam Angle 360°,indoor Lamps & Walkway Lamps.